Future Pathways

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

St Peter’s Catholic School is dedicated to ensuring that all of our students are fully prepared their Future Pathway, whether that is towards further or higher education, apprenticeships, jobs or gap years. We make it our responsibility to ensure that students are prepared for their next step and work hard in inspiring our students to strive for their best for their own futures.

Life Ready

This Year St Peter’s has collaborated in the design of the Life Ready Programme (Solihull) which provides a framework designed to develop independent, life ready young adults. The programme is based on evidence from the Gatsby Foundation and the Confederation of British Industry

The shared vision of the Life Ready Solihull Programme is that ‘students leaving St Peter’s will have the skills, knowledge and dynamism to reach their full career potential, to meet the needs of employers and to contribute to the economic growth of the borough’. The Life Ready model helps us give our pupils access to all of the CEIAG you will find on this page. See the Life Ready website for more information www.solihullforsuccess.com/life-ready-home.


During their time at St Peter’s, all of our pupils will receive information, advice and guidance around their Future Pathways at various Key Stages. The first IAG meetings start in Year 9 and take place annually through to Year 12:

  • Year 9 – focussed around GCSE options
  • Year 10 – focussed around Work Experience
  • Year 11 – focussed around Post-16 options
  • Year 12 – focussed around Work Experience and life after Year 13
  • Year 13 – focussed around status of applications for jobs/apprenticeships/UCAS

All of the IAGs are personal, one-to-one meetings conducted by Form Tutors, Lead Tutors, Pastoral Assistants, Senior Leadership and the Careers Team. IAG data and information is carefully monitored from year to year to ensure that every pupil is given the necessary guidance towards their chosen pathway.

Work Experience

Pupils from St Peter’s are given two opportunities to go out on Work Experience placements: once in Year 10 and again in Year 12. All students in Year 10 and 12 are encouraged to take up a placement during term time and are given information, advice and guidance towards which placement would be best for them. Year 12 students are also allowed to undertake work experience on one or two days/half-days throughout the year, giving them the opportunity to build up a wealth of experience and learn more about the world of work. The next work experience dates are:

  • Year 10 – Monday 1st July – Friday 5th July 2019
  • Year 12 – Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July 2018

Internal Careers Events

There are two major events that take place at St Peter’s each year; the Year 11 Careers Event and the Year 12 Future Pathways Day. On these days Year 11 and 12 are taken off-timetable for a day to give them the chance to focus on their big decisions for their futures. During these days the pupils get to work on key careers areas including: employability skills, CVs, personal statements, UCAS, application forms, university research and interview preparation. We also invite employers from the local areas to conduct mock interviews with our students, giving them the chance to practise their interview skills and learn what it takes to land their dream job or university course. We also invite all parents and guardians to attend a Year 12 Future Pathways Parents’ Evening, where we share information regarding UCAS, Student Finance, Apprenticeships and Jobs. The next Careers Events are:

  • Year 11 Careers Event – Friday 23rd November 2018
  • Year 12 Future Pathways Day – Monday 24th June 2019

Careers Convention

Each year St Peter’s holds its annual Careers Convention for students in Year 9 up to Year 13. We invite over 50 employers, universities, further education and apprenticeship providers to our school to advertise their organisations to our pupils. Here the pupils have a fantastic opportunity to learn a great deal about what’s available to them, and start making critical decisions about their future pathways. The next Careers Convention will be held on Thursday 31st January 2019.

Trips and Visits

At St Peter’s we aim to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to see first-hand what the world of work and higher education looks like. Throughout the year we run trips and visits to universities, fairs, conventions, businesses and other organisations with different year groups. See below for an outline of some of the trips we ran in the 2017-18 academic year:

  • Skills Show – a group of Year 10 and 11 students went to the NEC to visit the largest Careers-based event in the UK
  • STEM trip to the University of Birmingham – a group of Year 10 students visited UoB to explore careers in STEM subjects

Pathway CTM

New for the 2017-18 academic year, we are excited to be in partnership with Pathway CTM, a social enterprise with a mission to improve the employability, career prospects and lives of school leavers. Pathway has worked with our sixth form students to give them access to employer taster days, insight days, careers fairs and assessment days. In addition to this, Pathway has provided employability skills development and labour market insights for pupils, parents and staff. This partnership will continue in September for current Year 12 and 13 students. Check out their website for more information http://www.pathwayctm.com. Pathway requires all students to sign up for an account. Details will be available via form tutors in September.

Diana Award Mentoring Scheme

The mentoring scheme started in November 2017 and finished just before Easter 2018. We were fortunate to be involved with the Diana Award Mentoring Scheme, a career skills mentoring programme aimed at young people in Years 8, 9 and 10. The scheme is part of the Diana Award. The Diana Award was founded in 1999 as a legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales and her belief that young people have the power to change the world and inspire those around them. Since their formation, 45,000 young people have been celebrated with a Diana Award for the positive contribution they have made to their communities. During the sessions a Diana Award Youth Facilitator lead the Mentors and Mentees through a 6 month course which gave our students career skills and an insight into the world of work. It also engaged them in a social action project around a cause they felt passionate about. Through doing this, the programme:

  1. ) Instilled active citizenship through youth led social action and community volunteering
  2. ) Improved post-secondary work-place readiness through life and career skills training
  3. ) Built character, resilience and determination

Further information can be found on the Diana Award website: https://diana-award.org.uk/ , https://diana-award.org.uk/the-mentoring-programme/.

We are not running the mentoring scheme in 2018-19 but will hope to get involved again in the future.

Challenge Days

We have a partnership with Enabling Enterprise who specialise in delivering skill workshops and careers challenge days within a school environment. They work with young people in various age groups to help develop the key employability skills that our young people need to be equipped with in order to prepare them for their future. Enabling Enterprise are an award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise, set up by a team of teachers in 2009. Their goal is to equip young people with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need to succeed in life. Visit their website for more information http://enablingenterprise.org/. This year we ran a Challenge Day with Year 8, focussing on their teamwork and listening skills. We are looking into the possibility of running another event with Year 8 next year.

Choosing a career for you

It’s not always easy to decide on a career – after all, the choice you make will determine how you spend much of your time for years or decades to come. Luckily, there are tons of resources out there to help you assess your talents, skills and interests, along with many informative articles, blogs, and podcasts on the subject. And you’ll find the best of them in this guide, http://www.jobhero.com/choosing-career-guide which includes more than 40 individual resources for how to choose a career that’s a good fit for you. Also included are resources to help you determine what types of organizational cultures you might thrive under, as well as resources specifically for people looking to make a career change. . This year we ran a Challenge Day with Year 9, focussing on their confidence and employability skills. We are excited to run a similar event with Year 8 in the 2017-18 academic year.