Careers in the Curriculum

Careers in the Curriculum links to number 4 of the eight Gatsby benchmarks which is Linking curriculum learning to careers

At St Peter’s, teaching careers as part of the curriculum has a dual purpose:

  • to promote pupils’ career learning, development and wellbeing; and
  • to enhance pupils’ subject learning and attainment and their overall personal and social development.

Careers in the Curriculum at St Peter’s takes three main forms:

1. Career learning delivered within PSHE, Form time and Assemblies

Careers education is facilitated through a range of activities by teachers, careers professionals, teaching support staff and other external partners, e.g. employers and further and higher education providers.

2. Career learning delivered through other subjects.

Careers content is delivered through subjects, through bespoke lessons, which includes reference to successful role models within the subject area and including PIXL Futures PowerPoints. In some subjects, speakers are also invited. The aim of the resources in the weblink below is for students to see the relevance and value of subject curriculum teaching and learning and to be explicitly supported in making connections between subjects and pathways to positive transitions.

My Learning My Future | CEC Resource Directory (

3. Career learning delivered through co-curricular activities.

Careers content is delivered through informal and voluntary learning activities which have a strong connection to the curriculum. After-school clubs, cultural events and residential activities provide opportunities to complement formal careers in the curriculum provision, e.g. STEM clubs to build on pupils’ interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Poster displayed allow pupils to learn more about careers which link to the subjects they are studying. Examples of posters are displayed here: Careers Subject Posters .