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St Peter’s Catholic School’s use of Catch up Funding following the partial school closure


The government has set aside £1 billion to ensure pupils are not adversely affected by the partial school closure that occurred from March 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic.  This money will be divided in the following two ways:

  • £650 million will be divided equally between all schools to support pupils in catching up and filling in gaps. It equates to £80 per pupil;
  • £350 million will be allocated to the national tutoring programme to support those pupils most affected.

As always, St Peter’s will consult experts and evidence based research before any decisions are made to ensure the money is spent in the most efficient way that will have the most impact.  Three very helpful documents informed St Peter’s strategy:

  1. Covid-19 Support Guide for Schools (published by the EEF – Education Endowment Foundation)
  2. The EEF Guide to supporting school planning: A tiered approach to 2020-21 (published by the EEF – Education Endowment Foundation)
  3. Education recovery and resilience in England (published by the Education Policy Institute)



St Peter’s vision is to spend the money effectively and efficiently so that pupils are not adversely affected by the partial school closure. The money will be used to ensure pupils can catch up with what they missed during the lockdown and fill in any gaps in knowledge and practise the necessary skills they need to be successful in all subjects.



St Peter’s was given £82,00 for the 2020/2021 academic year.  It was paid in three tranches.   It is based on the October census

  • £20, 580 autumn
  • £27,260 spring
  • £34,160 summer



If you have any queries about catch up funding, please contact Mr Clinton, Deputy Headteacher.

Chair of Governors

Mr G Dufficy


Mrs M Murphy

Deputy Headteacher

Mr C Clinton

Senior Assistant Headteacher with a responsibility for finance

Mrs A Crees

Business Manager

Ms J Beale