In 2018 to 2019 schools will receive the same overall amount of Year 7 catch-up premium funding they received in 2017 to 2018, adjusted to reflect the percentage change in the size of their year 7 cohort, based on the October 2018 census.

In previous years, the Government has allocated £500 in respect of each pupil who has not achieved expected progress in reading and/or mathematics (maximum of £500 per pupil) upon entry to Secondary School. This grant is in addition to main school funding and should be used to raise attainment in those pupils with the weakest literacy and numeracy levels.

Key Objectives

  • To narrow the gap by providing proactive and early intervention and raising the attainment of all identified pupils.
  • To ensure all pupils, regardless of Key Stage 2 attainment, make expected progress.

During 2017-2018, our ‘Catch-Up’ pupils were taught in smaller Nurture Groups in both English and Mathematics. This small group teaching has ensured that pupils are all making progress with greater opportunity for one-to-one tuition and targeted intervention. The impact of the premium is evident in the results produced by our pupils:

English - 2017-18

  • At the start 100% had SS of below 90
  • 75% Achieved standardised score of above 95
  • 50% Achieved standardised score above 100

Maths - 2017-18

  • 19% above projected target
  • 44% on projected target
  • 38% below projected target

Our eligible pupils in 2017-2018 will result in funding of £7,884. In brief, the allocation has allowed us to provide:

  • All eligible pupils with additional materials specific to their literacy and/or numeracy needs with guidance of tasks that they can target in order to improve their skills
  • New and differentiated schemes of work, targeting key skills that are integral for pupil success in each key stage of English and Maths
  • Small group intervention sessions in form time
  • Additional calculators for ‘Catch Up’ pupils
  • Resources specifically designed for supporting pupils’ transition between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 English and Maths
  • Paired reading sessions with a Sixth Form mentor
  • Access to IT equipment for those pupils with additional needs
  • CPD and training opportunities for Staff who are responsible for the progress of our eligible pupils
  • CPD and training opportunities for Staff who are responsible for the progress of our eligible pupils
  • A primary trained member of staff to work with nurture groups and aid transition

In addition to these provisions, the English and Maths departments are working together closely to ensure that the needs of our eligible pupils are met in the most effective and personalised way. This has included a highly successful Parents’ Evening where eligible families were invited in to speak to representatives from both departments about techniques that can be used to support their child.

Our ‘Catch-Up’ pupils are supported throughout their education at St. Peter’s, with further support and pathways offered as they begin their GCSE and A Level studies.

If you have any questions regarding the Catch-Up Premium or how, as a school, we are supporting our pupils, please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ link on the website.

Year 7 Catch-Up Programme 2020-2021

  • All Year 7 pupils to access additional daily literacy and numeracy sessions before afternoon lessons begin.
  • Small ‘nurture’ groups in English and Maths for those pupils who need most support.
  • Pastoral emphasis on independent skills and resilience in the summer term.
  • Half-termly online lessons via Teams for parents and pupils launching in the Spring term.
  • Form-time small group intervention sessions for Maths.
  • Form-time small group intervention sessions for reading and language for learning.