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School Prayer

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Dear Lord
Help us be compassionate in our daily lives, showing patience and understanding in our interactions with others. May the environment we create allow us to develop our curiosity and undertake challenges in our learning.


Dear God,

Help the people in the world to be good citizens.

Help us to care for the poor, the homeless and the sick.

Help us to do good deeds and set an example for others.



Dear Lord,

Help everyone to be a good citizen to the community;

to be helpful in every way that we can

May all here lead the life that you want them to lead.



Let us pray,

When God gave us hands, he told us to write.

When God gave us eyes, he told us to read.

When God gave us ears, he told us to listen.

When God gave us a heart, he told us to empathise with the troubles of others.

Help us to use these gifts wisely and with compassion.



Dear Lord

Thank you for our learning.

We are grateful for the insight and wisdom passed onto us today.

May you grant us the grace and confidence to be discerning in our studies.

May we be curious and determined in our commitment to progress.

God bless our teachers, our friends and our whole school community.



Au nom du Père, du fils et du Saint Esprit

Merci pour les coursm les camarades et la connaissance.

Aidez-nous à devenir et rester curieux, compatissants et attentifs dans tous que nous faisons.



May the wisdom of the Holy Spirit

Direct our life towards creation and not destruction.

May you make me humble to bend down and pick up what is thrown away.

Direct my feet and lead me to dispose my rubbish to its proper place. ,


Dear Lord,

We thank you for the gift of the past; for the men and women who were generous with their gifts and talents in their life times and helped to create our world today.



Creator Father,

We thank you for the wonder of mathematics. Thank you for the creation of numbers, shapes, graphs and equations that help us order and understand our world. We pray for your guidance and strength to help us to be curious, resilient and hard working.


Physical Education


Let me play well but fairly and always show respect to my team-mates and opposition.

If victorious, allow me to be happy;
When in defeat, keep me from envy.
If through sport I set an example,
let it be a good one.