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Pupil Email Guide

As a pupil you can access your school emails in one of several ways, you can either:

  • Open an internet browser and navigate to:
  • Click on the Portals menu on the school website and select ‘Pupil Email’
  • When logged into the School Remote Gateway click on the ‘Office 365’ icon on the desktop

If you are accessing your email from the School Remote Gateway then you will automatically be logged in and be able to see your emails.

If you are using the other methods, once you are at the login screen you will need to sign in with your school email address and password.

Your email address is simply your school username followed by

For example, if your username is 19studenta then your email address will be:

Your password is then the same password you would use to log into a school computer.

Once logged in you should then be taking to your school email inbox.