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Welcome to St Peter's Catholic School Sixth Form

St Peter’s Sixth Form is proud of its reputation as a 6th Form that develops thinkers and learners. It is our aim to help pupils to be the best that they can be.

We offer 25 courses which are available in a variety of combinations and for which our experienced tutorial staff offer informed and independent advice and guidance. The guidance of their skilled teachers is accompanied by a range of teaching skills aimed to engage all types of learner. This all happens in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. St Peter’s Sixth Form promotes the maturing process from pupil to pupil and enables pupils to recognise and appreciate that with increasing freedom comes greater responsibility. Our pupils partake in activities to support the school, local and wider community.

The ethos of St Peter’s 6th Form is spirituality which embraces a range of personal faiths. This shared community is supported by staff. The library, study rooms, specialist rooms and laboratories are wheelchair accessible and are valuable resources for pupils. Pupils go on from us to a whole range of higher education courses and employment. We are as proud of those who go straight in to employment as those who go to Oxford, Cambridge or to the best medical schools.

We are ambitious for every pupil and encourage challenge whether it is in travelling to a new country or looking at details of a complex idea. At St Peter’s we aim to develop in every ordinary pupil his or her extraordinary potential. We hope this website will enable you to learn more about St Peter’s Sixth Form. If you are looking to apply to us, we hope it provides you with the information you require to make an informed decision about your chosen pathway.

You are more than welcome to contact us via telephone on 0121 7053988 or email

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