Tuesday AM Mass

Mass Date W/B Mass Tutor
3rd Sept
10th Sept 7 Simon Peter Miss Baker
17th Sept 7 Thomas Mr Foster
24th Sept 7 Andrew Mrs Killworth + Mrs Morris-Walcott
1st Oct 7 John Mrs Povey
8th Oct 7 Luke Mr Grubb
15th Oct 7 Mark Mrs Ferry + Mrs Levine
22nd Oct 7 Matthew Miss Parton
29th Oct – Half Term – – Half Term –
5th Nov 7 Paul Mr Carbery
12th Nov 8 Simon Peter Mr Branson + Miss Paredes Quijanes
19th Nov 8 Thomes MIss Bashford
26th Nov 8 Andrew Miss Elton
3rd Dec 8 Paul Miss Conaty + Mr Grice
10th Dec 8 John Miss Hallet
17th Dec

On the Friday Previous to your Tuesday Mass, either Miss Gnych or Mr Hill will come to your form to provide the readings and ensure that readers are chosen and ready. Readings will also be emailed to you.