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Year 6 Transition Page

Mr Shelton – Headteacher

Welcome to St Peter’s Catholic School, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you as our new Year 7 in September.  Whether this is your first experience of St Peter’s or you have siblings, other family members or your own parents attended as a pupil you are joining a special community.  We are all extremely proud of our school and support each other to use our God Given talents for the good of our school community.  Faith is our Foundation and an important aspect of our mission and vision.  Our Catholic Pupil Profile permeates through everything we do and during form time activities and assemblies we explore and develop this important aspect of school life.

We have an exciting, ambitious curriculum that enables every pupil to excel in every subject area.  Our outstanding committed teaching staff plan and delver challenging and engaging lessons to provide every opportunity to achieve the very best grades possible.  Outside of the classroom there is a large amount of extra-curricular activities, from sport, music, drama, science and DT there are opportunities for everyone to experience learning and enrichment outside of the classroom.   Please enjoy the final term of year 6 and we very much look forward to seeing you in September.

The Transition Team

Miss Yañez - Assistant Headteacher, SENCO and Transition Lead

My name is Miss Yañez and I am very excited to meet you soon before you join us at St. Peter’s in September! My role is to make sure that the transition for all pupils joining us goes as smoothly as possible and to provide any additional support to those who may be feeling a bit nervous or worried about the move from primary school to secondary. In my role as SENDCo, I work closely with St. Peter’s pupils, their parents and carers and their teachers to ensure that any pupils with additional learning needs have the best support and experience possible.

Mrs Costello - Director of Learning for Primary Relations

Hello! I’m Mrs Costello and I am an RE teacher here at St. Peter’s. I am responsible for supporting you on your journey from primary to secondary. You may see me during events run at St Peter’s and when I visit you in your primary school in the summer term. I am really excited to see you in September, and I am here to support you in every way. Starting at St Peter’s is a new and exciting journey and I cannot wait for you to start yours! Please go to the useful guides for any further information you may need. See you soon.

Mrs Mason - Admissions Manager

Hello, my name is Mrs Mason and I will be working very closely with Miss Yanez and Mrs Costello to ensure that we make your transition to St Peter’s Catholic School a pleasant experience. 

Please make sure you get all forms back to me by 10th June 2024 to ensure we have all the correct information.

PARENT REMINDER – Registration Forms. All are linked below.

For Year 6 parents with confirmed places only

Registration Form

Home School Agreement,

Pupil’s Biometric Information

Modern Foreign Language Form.

Consent for use of Pupil’s photographs and/or Video

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Timetable

1st March 2024Secondary Offer
 You receive an offer from St. Peter’s
April 2024Year 6 primary school teacher completes pastoral data about pupils which is passed onto the St. Peter’s Transition Team
20th May 2024Registration Forms (linked above) deadline 
20th- 24th May 2024Primary schools visits 
 The transition team will visit most primary schools to meet Year 6 teachers
 One page profiles for Year 6 pupils to complete will be given to the pupils and sent out to other schools who aren’t receiving visits until June.
June 2024Primary schools send us academic information about Year 6 pupils
10th June 2024Home School Agreement
 Biometric Form
 MFL Form
 Consent for photographs form
 Deadline for all above forms (linked above)
3rd June 2024- 22nd June 2024Welcome to St. Peter’s morning visits
 Members of the transition team come to your primary school to meet you ahead of the transition days.
 On this day, the Transition Team will collect the completed one-page profiles from pupils.
Monday 1st July 2024Step-Up Day at St. Peter’s
 A few pupils will be invited to an additional transition day at St. Peter’s. This is invitation only.
Monday 1st July 2024Connect evening
4pm – 5:15pmAll pupils coming from primary schools with no other pupils will be invited for an evening to meet other pupils coming by themselves.
Thursday 4th July OR  Friday 5th July 2024Transition Day (1/2 new Year 7)
 A whole day in St. Peter’s getting to know the school and teachers.
 You will receive an invitation with which day you are to attend.
Monday 8th July 6pm 2024New Year 7 Parents Evening
 Parents only are invited to this information evening.
Wednesday 4th September 2024First Day in Year 7
Arrive at 8:20am for an 8:30am start