• "Students make outstanding progress and consistently reach standards

    that are above national averages in a wide range of subjects"

  • "The sixth form is outstanding.

    Students show strong commitment

    to their studies as a result of outstanding teaching"

  • "The headteacher, very well supported by a strong team of leaders and the governing body,

    has been quick to establish high expectations of all"

  • "The quality of teaching is outstanding.

    The feedback provided to students

    during lessons and through marking

    gives them a very clear understanding

    of how to develop their learning further”

  • "The school is increasingly seen as a vibrant

    hub of the Catholic Church in the area"

  • "Students’ behaviour in lessons is exemplary.

    They are very keen to learn and to do well.

    They are polite, caring and courteous,

    showing respect for adults and for each other"

  • "....an outstanding Catholic school, in which pupils richly benefit

    from the provision for rigorous and enjoyable RE,

    and from the unequivocal and inspiring attention to Gospel values...."

Latest News


Follow Us - @St Peter's School
2 weeks ago
The estimated arrival time of the battlefield trip coach is now looking to be 2am.
Follow Us - @St Peter's School
2 weeks ago
A new coach has been sent to pick up the students returning from the battlefield tour. The earliest they are likely to be back is 1am.
Follow Us - @St Peter's School
2 weeks ago
The battlefield trip coach is awaiting repair on the M40. It is now likely to be at least midnight before it arrives back at St Peters.


Wednesday September 2
Thursday September 3
Friday September 4
Year 7 Induction Day (Target Setting for Years 10/11/12/13)
Thursday September 10, 6:00 PM -
Year 12 Welcome to Sixth Form Parents Evening