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Extra-Curricular and Enrichment

Music Tuition

At St Peter’s, our tuition is delivered through external, hand-picked partner organisations to ensure your son/daughter’s tuition is of the highest quality. Whether your son/daughter has already completed grades or never picked the instrument up, we have the expertise to help them master it. Below, you will see information on which services offer tuition of instruments. If your preferred instrument is not on the list, please contact Solihull Music Service to see if they are able to support you further.

Miss G Gnych – an excellent and popular piano, keyboard, flute and recorder specialist. Having been employed directly by St Peter’s for a number of years, Miss Gnych has recently expanded her tuition programme to teach across multiple schools.

Tetlow Music Tuition – often called ‘band’ tuition, this is what a number of young people most look forward to learning when they join secondary school. TMT delivers individual and small group tuition on drums, electric guitar, bass guitar and vocals. Excitingly, TMT also offer a Rock Band programme, in which pupils put their instruments together to form their own rock bands.

Solihull Music Service – is our local authority music network partner. Most primary schools in the area will have worked with SMS to support their music delivery and instrumental tuition. Our most popular services through SMS are our vocal teacher, Sandra Horne, and our strings tutor, Lily Marks, whose expertise supports pupils through grades from Year 7 up to Year 13. We are also keen to expand our orchestral skills and have recently launched our school orchestra. In addition to providing tuition, SMS also provide an instrument service for any young person who receives tuition through their service.

If you would like to sign your son/daughter up for tuition, please use the various QR codes and web addresses below. If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr Newbold, Director of Learning for Performing Arts, here.


Tuition Provider
Piano and Keyboard

Miss G Gnych

Flute and Recorder
Electric and Bass Guitar

Tetlow Music Tuition

Rock Band (Guitar, Drums, Bass)
Pop and Rock Vocals

Solihull Music Service

Any other instrument not listed