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In Geography, we aim to help pupils make sense of God’s world. Geography is a richly diverse and comprehensive subject that provides pupils with an understanding of our changing and interconnected world. Pupils will study an exciting range of topics from urban issues, world development, extreme environments, rivers and hazards, to name a few. It provides a context for looking at contemporary issues from a wide perspective. These issues affect us all at school and in our daily lives and help inform the decisions that will shape our future.

Geography at St Peter’s is hands on, relevant and fun. It links the arts and the sciences. It is very practical, with opportunities to learn new skills such as GIS, map skills, interpreting photographs, fieldwork skills, presenting, role play and debating techniques. Pupils will improve their literacy and numeracy skills through studying Geography. Fieldwork will improve pupils’ problem-solving and teamwork skills. Employers and universities see geography as a robust academic subject rich in skills, knowledge and understanding.

Geographers are amongst the most agile in terms of preparing for the job market and the careers of tomorrow.

Geography Department

Mr J McLiddy (Curriculum Leader)
Miss A Ajaz
Ms J Cross
Ms R Doyle
Ms K Martin
Ms M McHale
Mr J Hill