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From the atom, to the atmosphere and beyond, Science is our way of exploring and explaining natural phenomena and our interactions with it. At St Peter’s, we aim to develop pupils who are interested and curious. Our intent is a five-year broad science education that builds from Year 7 to achieve success in Year 11, allows further study at A level and equips all with the science skills and knowledge needed to understand the world around them.

We are hugely fortunate to have a wide range of subject specialists, many of whom have taken part in further study following their initial degrees and who bring passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to their classrooms. In year 7 and 8, your child is likely to have just one teacher who covers all aspects of science but from Year 9 onwards, they will be taught, wherever possible, by a subject specialist for each of the three sciences.

At GCSE, pupils will follow one of two pathways:

Some pupils are entered for Trilogy Combined Science (AQA 8464); it is worth two GCSEs and covers content from the three science disciplines.  

Alternatively, we offer the traditional Separate Sciences of Biology (AQA 8461), Chemistry (AQA 8462) and Physics (AQA 8463).

At post sixteen, pupils can continue their study of one or more of the sciences or study Medical Science – a more broad, vocational course. At St Peter’s, we are always evolving and adapting our curriculum offer to cater for the jobs from tomorrow and therefore, from 2022, we have started to offer a brand-new Environmental Science A Level alongside collegues from the Geogrpahy department.

Whichever qualification pupils choose, they will be expertly prepared for further education or employment.

Science Department:

  • Mrs A O’Rourke – Biology
  • Mr T Grice – Biology/Sports Science 
  • Dr T Aslam – Physics (curriculum leader)
  • Mrs A Crees – Chemistry
  • Mrs K Fleming – Physics
  • Miss A Grace – Biology
  • Miss A M Jordan – Biology and Chemistry
  • Mr B Ferrater Caro – Chemistry
    Mrs Cross
    Miss Goodwin
    Mr Heron
    Mr O’Dwyer
    Mr Stanton
    Dr Thompson
    Mrs Williams
    Mrs Kenny