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Mathematics is essential for everyday life and a foundation for careers in technology, science, and engineering, among many others. Mathematics is the language we use to understand God’s creation.

Excellent maths teaching requires a compelling curriculum, but this is not enough. The best teachers also know the ways in which pupils learn mathematics and the difficulties they are likely to encounter. The subject knowledge of staff within St Peter’s Maths department is very strong and the way they deliver our excellent curriculum is admirable: we have dynamic teachers who understand that the learning journey of each pupil is very different.

The intent of the mathematics curriculum is to develop confident mathematicians at all levels, who can retain and confidently apply skills to more complex problems in the subject and across the wider curriculum. Our curriculum is designed with a ‘spiral’ approach, which means key concepts are presented repeatedly throughout the curriculum, but with deepening layers or complexity, or in different applications. We are confident this approach will help develop confident mathematicians who are able to work independently.  

Achieving high rates of progress of children in mathematics is the primary goal of our department.

All teachers in the mathematics department appreciate how difficult pupils can find the subject, whether it be GCSE or Further Maths A Level. We want to create a culture where pupils understand that making mistakes is a key part of the learning process. It is the resilience pupils show when posed with these setbacks that will allow them to achieve in mathematics.

Mathematics Department

Miss Parton  (Director of Learning)
Mrs McNeil (Deputy Director of Learning)
Miss Goodman (Key Stage 3 Coordinator)
Mr Slater (Key Stage 4 Coordinator)
Mrs Mooney
Mr Jones
Mr Tudor
Mr Palin
Miss Shaw
Mr Razzak
Mr Manji